Top 5 MARVEL Movies...So Far

5. Thor (2011)

Who could’ve thought this movie would’ve worked? But it did. Thor was a big a risk by Marvel and it paidoff in more ways than money. The source material was taken seriously by a director who understood the theatre and we ended up getting great performances out of everyone, not to mention Hemsworth and Hiddleston, in one of the best sibling rivalry stories ever. Loki, without a doubt, is one of the greatest villains of all time and here we get to see his him in a good light at first and his inevitable fall (literally). While most others might disagree with me, I think Thor: The Dark World is almost equally as good. It takes the characters to dark places while giving their character more development. Sounds Familiar.

4. Iron Man (2008)

What a total game changer! RDJ was perfect casting and Jon Faverau was a solid choice director with a solid supporting cast with the likes of Jeff Bridges and Terrence Howard. Iron Man made superheroes movies fun again complete with action, laughs, and character-building without it being dark and brooding. Did you know that in 1997 Nicholas Cage expressed interest in playing Tony Stark before attempting to take on the title role in the ill-fated Superman Lives? While Iron Man was fun gave us a lot to think about it widened our eyes to what Marvel was capable of, even though we had no idea the greatness that awaited us.(Iron Man picture)

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

The Winter Soldier showed us that Marvel still has more to show us and wasn’t getting stale. This is a movie that didn’t need to set up anything, it just threw us into an awesome conspiracy story that plays like a Tom Clancy novel with the supped up action of a superhero movie (say that five times). After the Chitauri invasion in The Avengers, The Winter Soldier shows us that not all threats area aliens from the skies but that man is still a formidable enemy. The Winter Soldier, himself is such a great character: Dark,mysterious, powerful and unpredictable. The actions scenes are intense and hold more meaning if you know how he came to be and what’s at stake. The Winter Soldier is not a perfect movie, but one of the best damn spy thrillers I’ve seen. Hail Hydra.(Winter Soldier picture)

2. The Avengers (2012)

I still hold the original Avengers movie in such high regard as a mold of how a fun summer superhero movie should be. After the characters’ single movies, Joss Whedon created a perfect storm that combined all of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses and used them to tell an entertaining story. It was one hell of a fun theater-going experience, especially with a packed house on a midnight showing and is still a lot of fun on your own TV three years later. The entire Marvel cinematic universe culminatedto this one movie and it delivered the goods. While not without its flaws, The Avengers raised the bar forcomic book movies and proved it could handle a group of superheroes in the same room, even though Hulk, Iron Man and Loki totally steal the show. In my opinion, Avengers: Age of Ultron had a lot to live upto and it simply couldn’t do it mainly because it had already been done so well before.(Avengers photo)

1. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I’ll probably get some flak for this choice but Guardians of the Galaxy holds my number one spot and it’s going to take a lot to knock it down. Basically The Avengers in space, Guardians is also The Avengers on acid. Marvel and Disney taking big risks here, especially with that monster of a marketing plan while the other big risk was if we would accept these characters and slip into their world with them. This movie also got people listening to 60s/70s music again which propelled the soundtrack to the top of the Billboard 200 chart. GotG has been compared to the original Star Wars and for good reasons: It’s an epic of heroes and villains and aliens from a thousand worlds. Plus, Starlord is basically Han Solo, which is why he’s pegged as a runner up for Indiana Jones and the Han Solo anthology movie. Sure, Guardians of the Galaxy was a big, hit commercial movie that was for the masses but you know you enjoyed it and if you didn’t enjoy anything (including the talking tree and raccoon) in this movie, then you might not have a soul, you big turd blossom.(Guardians photo)Dishonorable Mention:Iron Man 3 – Sorry, but I hated it and wished it never happened.

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