Writer Confirms No Origin Story for Next Spider-Man

August 3, 2015

Well...thank you!


"The upcoming Spider-Man reboot will not be a retelling of the origin story, according to John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the duo pegged to pen the script."

 Goldstein told Grantland’s Andy Greenwald during a recent interview there would be no need to “revisit” that part of Peter Parker’s life for the film, saying, “Everybody feels like, you know he got bit by a spider and you know Uncle Ben died.” 

The film — still in its “extremely early” stages — will be directed by Jon Watts, who noted in a recent interview with EW that Tom Holland is “perfect” for the project, able to capture Peter as a “real high school student.” Plus, he can do some pretty impressive backflips. "


“It’ll be a fun departure from the Peter Parker that you’ve seen where now, he is truly a kid,” said Daley. “And I think the stakes are increased in that his struggle through high school is very real and isn’t just a sort of side note. It matters now.”


The reboot is slated to hit theaters July 2017.


Sources: Nerdbot

Entertainment Weekly

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