"PS NOW" Subscription, A Must Needed Win For Vita And PS TV Is Finally Here.

The PS Vita and PS TV, the 2 most arguably neglected devices under PlayStation receive a much needed boost in the PS Now subscription module.

Before the subscription module, both platforms were in a rental beta period which seemed like it lasted forever. You could rent a game up for a period of time, but once the time was up it it felt like a returning the game to your own digital Hollywood Video. Convenient maybe, but the prices were silly. With the "PS Now" subscription of $20 a month or $45 every 3 months ($15 a month), you can play all the games you can each month that PS3 offers (PS2 and PS1 games to stream are on the way). Not only this a better deal, but you won’t feel as rushed to commit to a certain game under the old module for a very short time. For more benefits as to why our member Ajay Grahm recommends PS Now, click the link here.

As an owner of both PS TV and PS Vita, this is a much welcomed update. To be able to play games on the go and at work where there is WIFI seems like a great time spent while on the toilet. Currently my PS TV is collecting dust as I only really used it to stream from my PS4. Since I’m never in my room to game, it just collects dust. My living room setup is current gen consoles with each controller at my finger tips for navigation. So I felt a bit underwhelmed by owning the PS TV, but with this update there is a reason to have alone time in my room if needed.

The original reason I purchased a PS TV was to have 2 PS4s in the same house without having to buy 2 PS4s. Convenience is everything to me and these systems just got that much better!

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