Force Friday Is Upon Us!

At 12:00 on Friday, Sept 4 a new batch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens merch will be released to the salivating public across the globe. I am included in that bunch because I will be there at a Bay Area Toys R Us to try and snag as much TFA toys I can carry.

We've seen the Black Series First Order Troopers (I heard some people even have one or two or seven), some Lego leaks and heard we're getting a remote control BB-8! I sure hope those will be released that night because if so, that's the first thing I'm running for! According to Gizmodo, they have captured a screenshot of a now deleted page at Fat Brain Toys that had the photo below with a retail price of $150 and release date as September 1.

We've seen these alleged Chinese prototypes of some 6-inch figures leaked back in December last year and I'm betting we'll see these on the 4th along with some other Black Series figures.

There will be a big event at the Times Square TRU at midnight that includes all sorts of games, prizes and such that I'm a little envious that I can't be there. Either way, I am staying up late, getting some TFA toys and then waking up tired and drained all for the long day at work and I know I will not be alone. You will be able to spot a die-hard Star Wars fan that Friday by their slower than usual walk and constant energy drink sipping but ask them about what they got and you'll most likely see a smile.

I will have coverage of a California Force Friday at Toys R Us event right here and only here on Check back here for more on 9/4!

Here's some of the important into according to Star Wars Underworld:

“As an added bonus, little Jedi Knights and their families attending midnight opening events will have the chance to receive special giveaways, including a limited edition LEGO® Star Wars Commemorative Brick and an exclusive Star Wars poster, while supplies last. Also at midnight on Force Friday, shoppers will be able to browse and purchase the new products online at”

“...The World’s Greatest Toy Store™ is kicking the party off early with a special exhibition featuring prototypes, originals and early editions of some of the best-known Star Wars toys in the world, curated by Rancho Obi-Wan, Inc., a non-profit museum that houses the Guinness World Record-certified largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Presented prominently throughout the store, “Destination: Star Wars – The Experience,” will be on display from Wednesday, August 26 through Monday, September 7 and will feature dozens of notable collectibles based on all six feature films from the Star Wars Saga, including the original first four mail-away action figures from 1978, a large-sized Chewbacca figure in never publicly-released The Empire Strikes Back packaging from Kenner Products and a rare 2003 LEGO Star Wars Cloud City building set.”

- Nerdbot Original Article

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