"Rare Replay" Review: A Must Have Gem

From the outside, Rare Replay is simply another video game collection. However, there is so much more to this gem.

Legendary Lineage

Rare Replay features 30 titles scattered across the 30-year history of Rare. From old titles such as Underwurlde to some of the more recent titles such as the Viva Pinata titles, Rare Replay features a vast collection of some of the studios most well-known properties. For quite some time, many gamers have been frustrated with the Kinect-based games that Microsoft was having Rare create. This collection showcases the studio’s design talent that bred that frustration that most fans of the studio felt. After playing some of the games found in this collection, you are guaranteed to understand what makes this company so special to the many fans out there.

The Timeless & The Timeworn

Due to the variety of the games found on Rare Replay, all of the games play and look substantially different from one another. It is important to know that the games found on Rare Replay are ports and not HD remakes of old games. With that said, some of the games age surprisingly well. Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, and Battletoads all look a lot better than I remember them years ago. Unfortunately, some of the games’ archaic game design make them almost unbearable at certain times. For instance, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, a personal favorite of mine, has some rather glaring problems holding it back in the multiplayer front. For instance, forced inverted aiming controls and an appallingly lose aiming system makes taking on opponents almost impossible in multiplayer. Additionally, games like Battletoads still remain borderline impossible without utilizing some of the new features added into the game in Rare Replay which I will get into later. Again, it is worth noting that much of this is simply the victim of archaic game design from the past. Regardless, it needed to be mentioned.

New Additions

Rare Replay adds a few features making many of its tediously difficult games a bit more accessible. For instance, some of the older titles feature a rewind ability. This allows the player to rewind time allowing for multiple tries at any challenge. Certain games allow for cheats such as infinite lives to be turned on at any moment. These two features are particularly useful in games like Battletoads. Another notable addition is the ability to save and load progress in various games at any given point. This is particularly useful in games that don’t allow for saving. This features circumvents the need to marathon a game in order to complete it. Rare Replay also includes some behind-the-scene-esque additions such as information regarding cancelled titles. Also featured in Rare Replay are challenge mini games which are carved out experiences of existing games. One worth noting is the endless tunnel mini game that is pulled straight from the infamous jetbike stage in the original Battletoads.

Rare Replay is a great piece of gaming history that features a sizable amount of games at a low price point of $30.

I give it an 8.5

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