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Have you ever listened to a certain song on purpose to put you in a specific mood? I do all the time. Music has a huge influence on our lives. Music can make us happy, sad, inspire us, or sometimes get us in trouble… kind of like being in a relationship. On that note here is my suggestions on what songs to listen to during your day. Wake up alarm: Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan

Do you want to be eaten by a titan? I don’t! This song reminds me of that fear and gets my adrenaline pumping to make me get up and be an active member of society. Honorable Mentions: Theme song from Saved by the Bell, Theme song from Pokemon Breakfast: All Green Greens Theme from Kirby’s Dreamland

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So inhale those pop-tarts like Kirby while trying to rush out the door because you’re always running late. Honorable Mentions: Onett Theme from Earthbound, Theme song from King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Going to school/work: Main Theme from The Legend Of Zelda

Life is a journey and it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this song with you. Honorable Mentions: Green Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, Theme song from Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers Being at school/work: Imperial March from Star Wars

There will always be that person you want to Force Choke. Give it a try. You may be surprised by how ridiculous you look. Honorable Mentions: Stand Out from A Goofy Movie, Theme from Tetris, Lunch: Afternoon of Konoha from Naruto

Damn it! This beat makes me want to eat some Ichiraku Ramen. The market value of ramen tripled when this song came out. Honorable Mentions: Gym Leader theme from Pokemon Red/Blue, Theme Song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Afternoon grind: Guile’s Theme from Street Fighter II

Guile’s theme goes with everything! Honorable Mentions: Let the Battles Begin from Final Fantasy 7, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me(Steve Austin Theme) by WWE Leaving school/work: Back to the Future Theme from Back to the Future

You know you have something better to go to after school or work. And maybe where you’re going you won’t need roads. Honorable Mentions: Moon theme from Ducktales, Ready, Steady, Go! from Full Metal Alchemist Going home: Woke Up This Morning from the Sopranos

Don’t you love going home feeling like you accomplished something? But whatever it is, I’m not going to question what you do because I don’t want to get whacked. Honorable Mentions: Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64, Theme song from Tailspin Dinner: Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast

Ever wonder who did the Beast’s grocery shopping? Me neither, but hey! Free Dinner! Honorable Mentions: Tank! from Cowboy Bebop, Let’s Fighting Love from South Park Evening: Main Theme from Batman the Animated series

This song emphasizes he who is the night. He is the Dark Knight after all. Listen to this song while hiding in the shadows. You instantly become invisible. Honorable Mentions: Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros, Theme song from Gargoyles Working Out: Training/Jogging Theme from Punch Out!

This is the song that made pink hooded sweat suits look bad ass! We all grew up wishing we were as awesome as Little Mac. He fought guys that were obviously out of his weight class and took it all the way to the end. If that doesn’t inspire you to get fit then enjoy not living with feet when they cut them off due to complications of diabetes. Honorable Mentions: Theme Song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ginyu Tokusentai from Dragon Ball Z Do you agree with my selection? Send us your playlist at Nerdbotmail@gmail.com

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