The New Kid of Cosplay - An Interview with Ivan From Club Cosplay

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…well it could be anything at Club Cosplay® - The Nerds' Playground

In case you haven’t heard (or seen) there’s an incredible movement happening all around us. Maybe you’ve seen Batman waiting for the bus or young lady dressed as Pikachu walking by your house.


All around us there are people of all shapes, sizes, origins, and mutant powers dressing as there favorite characters ranging from Anime to classic super heroes. So…where are they all headed?

There are only 2 possible answers. 1. They are fighting crime, trying to be the hero Gotham deserves 2. They are headed to a Club Cosplay event. I’m going to go with option number 2.

Obviously I needed to find out more.

My search began in the Himalayan Mountains in a six hundred year old

monastery. I asked a young monk “who is the creator of Club Cosplay and why are you dressed as Deadpool”

He whispered…"Ivan McCosplay". Then he disappeared. Well, he actually fell to his death off the mountain. There’s really no way I can verify that he died, but it was a 3,596 ft drop.


My next stop was Temecula, CA. I stepped out of my car and there he was…Ivan floating above me holding a blinky light and a Mountain Dew. I waited for him to speak. He slowly lowered himself to the ground (remember..he was freaking floating above me), looked at me and said…”hey dude”

I was suddenly transported to an awesome place surrounded by my best friends, favorite super heroes, the best anime charaters, 100 Storm Troopers, and Mikasa from Attack On Titan.

“Where am I” I asked. Ivan said…Welcome to Club Cosplay.

Learn more about Club Cosplay and get tickets to their next event by clicking here.

Here is my phone interview with Ivan. Check out and listen to the ways of the Cosplay Force from the man that created Club Cosplay.

Click on the video below for the audio.

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