The REEL Story: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Terrorist with Attitude

When I was in elementary school I was a closet Power Rangers fan. They had costumes, weapons and had a giant fighting robot! I thought it was awesome to be like, “I’m going to instantly transform and use a weapon to fight the bad guys….oh and I have a giant robot!” I grew up idolizing super heroes and the Power Rangers were definitely up on the list of cool super heroes. But as I got older I started to question their situation. They showed the Rangers always saving the day and no one getting hurt. How was it possible that there were no casualties or victims in a war against good and evil? It doesn’t make sense. I came to the realization that there must be something that they’re not showing us. There must’ve been something that the show was hiding. I propose that the Power Rangers is the BIGGEST cover up story ever.

The choosing of the Rangers is where it starts. Zordon asks Alpha to gather teenagers with attitude. He didn’t specify that they needed good or positive attitudes. Alpha proceeded to summon 5 teens to the command center. How is it that NOBODY realized that these teens were kidnapped in the middle of the day? That’s because they were all outcasts to begin with. Did you ever see them with other friends? Did you ever see them with their parents? That’s because they had no friends and no parents. I think that they were all orphans. Being a social outcast has serious psychological effects on a person. They were never brought up with proper social skills. I believe this was the main reason why those 5 were chosen. They had no social ties to anyone.

So now that Zordon has his team of socially inept teenagers, he proceeds to give them super powers and weapons. That is the most irresponsible thing to do. In the state of California an adult most go through an extensive background check before they can own a gun. Zordon gave them lethal weapons upon meeting them for the first time! Not only that, he gave them giant robots! They didn’t go through any sort of safety classes to operate complex machinery. They just hopped in their robots and proceeded to destroy because that’s what they were designed to do. They were war machines!

Here is where it gets really fucked up. Before the Power Rangers had formed their city of Angel Grove was a peaceful place.

Angel Grove probably had the lowest crime rate and the highest property values in the country. Then the Power Rangers showed up…..then city came under constant attack. There was a monster attack every week! The citizens of Angel Grove experienced non-stop terrorism. Giant monsters would attack the city and the Power Rangers would battle it with their giant robots that combined into an even BIGGER robot! A Lot of these battles happened in the heart of Angel Grove. Think about it. Two colossal beings are fighting in the middle of a city. There must’ve been an astronomical amount of property damage! Buildings were toppled over. Houses crushed. Livelihoods destroyed. People worked in those buildings. People lived in those houses. Did the Power Rangers ever consider the collateral damages they were causing? NOPE! They had no sympathy for the other people living in Angel Grove. This is a common trait for most sociopaths.

Property values must have plummeted. Who would want to live in a neighborhood that had monsters in it? I’m going to assume that crime rates skyrocketed because these people of Angel Grove had everything taken away from them and resorted to crime just to survive. The taxation to rebuild the city on a weekly basis must have been ridiculous. All of these issues are just within the metropolitan area. The Rangers also fought giant monsters in the outskirts of town. People might not have lived out there but imagine all of the lives of the innocent animals whose habitat was razed in the attack. It would be the saddest Sarah McLachlan commercial to show how giant robot imprints, lasers, and explosions effect the lives of animals and the environment. Think of the literal giant carbon footprint that a giant robot would leave on this planet.

The points I raised in this article show that the Power Rangers are not the squeaky clean teens that they portray them to be on TV. Many lives were affected negatively by these teen terrorists. So the next time you see a hero “saving the day” I want you to think what is the REEL story is behind what is presented to you.

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