Battletoads: You're Still A Dick...An Old Dick, But Nonetheless Still A Dick.

If I could describe Battletoads to you, it's like meeting the woman of your dreams then you find out she was once a man. Maybe that’s your thing, maybe you want that story in your life, maybe you want to explore a little bit further as to why she was once a man, but then you realize she is much stronger than you, can beat you in arm wrestling with her other arm, and sooner or later you find out this was your destiny. Good thing there Is a pause button right? Or in this case with Rare Replay Collection you can save your progress lol. If you want to call that progess. Again if that's your thing bro!

You’ve been there, you know what’s next after an incredible easy 1st level of Ragnarok's Canyon . You think ok, I remember this. This is fun. Not sure why I didn’t start off will full health but yeah that’s cool. This isn’t so hard ok, next level…. Ok I’m dropping down into the Wookie Hole fighting evil ass crows and crazy toad eating plants, ok that’s not that bad, wait now robots shooting electricity at me. The hell man and why do I still not have full health????? You are somehow about to beat this level then…well you don’t because that’s as far as about 95% make it in this game. BUT DUDE ITS BATTLETOADS BRO ITS SO AWERSOME BRO!!!!

This is maybe the only game that has this kind of reputation. We all somehow forgot about how frustrating this game has been over the years...but hey its vintage man!!!

See, my younger self was a much better gamer than I am now. I’m sure myself 15 years ago I would have spent hours on getting through the first two levels, a game where you could not save your progress. I saved my progress about half way down the Wookie Hole and I quit again. Fuck this couch of a game.

It was not the time of day nor did I have enough vodka handy to keep this going. At some point in the next 5 months I'll come back to my save point and see if I'm in better spirits. Odds are I won’t!

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