Super Mario Maker - Create Your Own Mario Game!

Nintendo has announced the release for Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.

If you’re into customization you will love this game. Super Mario Maker allows the player to take the role as game designer and create your very own Super Mario levels.

You can choose the graphic style from the original Super Mario on NES, Super Mario 3, Super Mario from SNES and New Super Mario Bros Wii U. Then you can choose what type of background you would like including underground and those dreaded under water levels. After that, you can begin to create a level or edit existing preset levels. You can add pitfalls, power-ups, enemies and platforms. You also can make the level as long (with-in games confines) or a short as you'd like.

The editor allows you to play as you go to test out your level to ensure that Mario can clear that gap you made or if an enemy is in the way. You can also upload the levels ONCE YOU BEAT IT…so no trolling people with unbeatable levels.

Super Mario Maker will also have Amiibo support for more than 50 different amiibos. Once you scan in an amiibo you can place that amiibo inside a block for Mario to receive as a power up mushroom that will give him a costume of that character. The costumed Mario will have special poses and tones. One special amiibo will be the Mario 30th anniversary amiibo, This Amiibo will allow Mario to become a giant Mario and smash through blocks by running into them.

This game drops in the United States on September 11th 2015

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