VITA SLIM 2000 Finally Gets Much Needed L2 And R2 Attachment Accessory

PS VITA SLIM 2000 finally gets its much needed L2 and R2 attachment accessory.

Joetsu Denshi Kogyo , a third party who sells PS Vita hardware, has finally made what many PS Vita owners have been craving for over a few years now, an attachment that lets you finally have L2 and R2 triggers!

One may ask, well why didn’t PS Vita have them to begin with?

During the PS Vita design, Sony did not have enough room to fit L2 and R2 triggers, so they decided to add a back touch screen on the Vita where L2, R2, and R3 resides. Sony basically said, if that doesn't fit your style you can remap the buttons to whatever way seems plausible. I hated it. Maybe other Vita owners hated it. The uneven fill of having to search for L2 and R2 in the back of your vita was unconventional and often steered me away from first person shooters on the Vita. Not that there are a lot of great first person shooters on the Vita. But now with Remote play ( an option to stream your PS4 games to your Vita) some games will not allow button remapping, so you would be stuck at a cross roads.

Here a video with more infomation.

This is a much have purchase for the hardcore Vita owners out there like yourself. Do know that THIS ATTACHMENT WILL NOT WORK ON OLED PS VITAS. ONLY PS SLIM 2000 VITAS. You can find where to buy this attachment near the range of $35- 45 a pop. Here are the links….

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