What is The Best Anime? I Say Dragon Ball Z

To me Dragonball Z is the best Anime by far.

It's been running since 1984. DBZ is about the life of Goku his family and his friends. Goku along side Vegeta is one of the last Saiyans from planet Vegeta. DBZ is just so amazing, I've been watching it for as long as I can remember. Heck, I still watch it now. Throughout DBZ there are a lot of funny, sad, dramatic, and emotional scenes, but they are all so great.

There's just no anime that could match up to it (some of you may argue about that). There are a lot of amazing fight scenes. It would be pretty hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with Cell vs. Gohan. That fight scene is just the greatest in my opinion. The part that gets to me the most is at the end when Gohan is building up the energy for his kamehameha wave, and Goku helps him out by giving him the strength to delivery that powerful blow. There is just nothing greater than seeing father and son together fighting to save the world. That would be my all time favorite battle.

Now obviously I have a favorite character, well actually, I have more than one. At

first Gohan was my favorite, but then I went to Goku, but then I started liking his Father Bardok. So that means I have two favorite characters Bardok and Vegeta. There is one thing I'm sure that every DBZ fan can relate to, we've all wanted to be a Saiyan at one point or still do want to be a Saiyan. There is nothing wrong with that. it just proves you love the show a lot.

Everyone knows that there are two girls in DBZ, Bulma and ChiChi. They're both very much alike especially when they yell at Goku. I would have to say Bulma is my favorite. It's just so funny because Goku is so afraid of her…I mean who wouldn't be afraid of Bulma? You wouldn’t want to get her mad.

After all the battling is done they all come back together, because they're all like one big family.

Here's a question for those who are reading this, who is your favorite hero and villain in DBZ?

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