This Sunday...FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! What Do I Want To See?

I'm a Los Angeles native. I know the area...I'VE SEEN THINGS!

If you've been to some parts of Los Angeles (and maybe even your own city) it

already looks like a scene from THE WALKING DEAD.

Trash, abandoned cars, fires, taco shops, zombies…well maybe the zombie part is a joke, but there are some weird people living out here.

I can’t lie. I’m excited to see what AMC is going to do with FEAR THE WALKING DEAD using my mostly ugly city as a back drop of chaos.

I would love to see the show incorporate the beach in some way. The only thing that can make a zombie (aka Walkers) slower is sand. Even then they'll find a way to kill someone that will make me say “REALLY…ARE YOU SERIOUS...I WOULD HAVE SURVIVED THAT”

So let’s sit back and relax for this Sunday’s premier of “Fear The Walking Dead”

We at Nerdbot will be sure to keep you updated!

Here is a nice little "Lights Out" teaser ffor the show:

Don't miss the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, Sun., August 23rd. Only on AMC

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