NERD CON: This Weekend In A Nerd Galaxy Not Too Far Away...

I once had a friend named Timmy. The key word here is “once”

The last time I spoke to Timmy he was on his 3rd hour of waiting in line to get inside the 2015 SD Comic-Con.

Over the phone I asked “Timmy, why do you do it? Why are you at this meat market of fan boys? You’re a true Nerd my friend. Come back and let’s play some D&D”.

He responded “Dude…I just need people to know that I went to Comic-Con…THE COMIC-CON. You’re nobody till you make it here…and I want to be som…”

Timmy” TIMMY?!...You there buddy????!

The phone went silent.

I immediately called back…busy signal. I sent him a text…no response.

Days after, I read the official police report of Timmy’s death.

The Coroner listed his death as “suspicious” and more than likely brought on by “the purchasing of over priced products and a deep sensory overload”

I like to tell myself that Timmy is still alive. I like to imagine that he’s flying on the back of a giant purple Dragon with a Storm Trooper load out and Thor’s hammer on his hip. He’s screaming “I will protect Valhalla from the hordes of Hell”.

Since Timmy's death, I’m now on a mission to help all the lost “CON” souls wandering this Earth.

I want to people to know there’s a better way. A more personal way to express yourself and find likely minded people that aren’t there for a selfie, but for the love of Nerd culture.

Welcome to Nerd Con 2015 in Escondido, CA this Saturday, August 22nd.

Here is Nerdbot’s interview with Stephanie Pandes, one of the founders of NERD CON.

NERDBOT: Stephanie, what is your role with Nerd Con?

Stephanie: I'm the Creative Director and one of the founders of Nerd Con. Although that is my title, with any startup, I wear many hats. From organizing events, emailing vendors and guests, to working with our street team.

NERDBOT: Nerd Con sounds like my kind of event. Tell us a little about it.

Stephanie: Nerd Con is convention that celebrates everything nerdy, comics, cosplay,

gaming, LARP, you name it. It will take place on August 22 at the California Center of the Arts in Escondido. Not only will we have 80 vendors, but there will be two stages filled with panels, live performances and our Nerd Chic Fashion Show. For those 18+, we're having an after party for VIP badge holders.

NERDBOT: With every passing year I'm seeing more conventions targeting Nerd culture. Why do you think your con sets you apart from a few of the others we've seen this year.

Stephanie: Ours is different because unlike other smaller conventions, we have a broad range of areas that an attendee can explore. I've been going to SDCC for the past 6 years and I've seen how crowded it has become. It's such a huge juggernaut, that many people from San Diego can't even attend it. We wanted to not only give them another option, but we also want to focus on the attendees. We want it to make it an as pleasurable experience for them. From wider walkways to an area where they can talk to panelists at greater length after the panel is over. For some, this will be their first convention, so we want it to be memorable.

NERDBOT: I know Nerdbot friend Lonstermash is going to be part of your events.

How did you two connect.

Stephanie: We've seen him at various conventions and events prior to Nerd Con. When we started contacting cosplayers to be guests, he was one of the first people we contacted.

NERDBOT: What is your favorite character from the nerd universe.

Stephanie: Ms. Marvel. I really love that comic series and she is someone I can relate to. Minus the super powers.

NERDBOT: Do you have any upcoming events after Nerd-Con?

Stephanie: We're planning events for the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Marvel Run at Disneyland.

NERDBOT: Final Question: What do you want to say the person is is on the fence about attending your event?

Stephanie: If you're looking to spend the day with nerdy like minded people, then this is for you. We want this event to not only bring nerds together, but also the community. A lot of the people that we have connected with have been through the events we hosted prior to Nerd Con. Plus, wouldn't it be awesome to say that you attend the 1st ever Nerd Con?

Make sure to go and check out the very first Nerd Con.

Click here for more information and tickets to NERD CON!

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