A Girl's Dark Secret - I Watch Anime!

Do you ever go back and think about the first time that you admitted to your best friend that you liked watching anime?

Well, I do.

It is funny because even though this happened almost nine years ago, we still look back at it and laugh about how embarrassed I personally was when she caught me watching Naruto. Let’s go back a little...

It was the summer before my freshman year of college at UC-Santa Barbara. I had nothing to do for three months before the big move. My younger sister, who was thirteen years old at the time, introduced me to Naruto. I became obsessed, almost immediately. Losing sleep over watching the next episode. Ahhhhh, those were the days.

The big move to college came and went. Freshman year was actually loads of fun with parties everywhere, loads of underage drinking and me trying not to get too stupid and ending up in jail. Dorm life is all it’s made up to be and more…but I still had a dark secret (at least in my mind I did). I knew that Naruto Shippuden season was about to premier on the spring of 2007, and I could not wait!

As the date for the first episode approached, I read all about Naruto and the

development of the characters. Was Naruto ever going to be able to control the nine tailed fox demon inside of him? What about Sasuke? Ahhhh….questions like

this took most of my time every day. I couldn’t even concentrate about school assignments…anyways the first episode premieres, and of course I go on YouTube and looked it up.

To be honest I didn’t know any of the websites since Naruto was officially my first anime besides Dragon Ball Z. DBZ aired as a regular cartoon when I was little, so the concept of it being an anime never really registered. Moving on..., I was so into the first episode that I had not realized that my roommate (now best friend), had walked in and was looking at me and at my computer screen…I hurriedly slam my laptop shut, and acted like I wasn't doing anything suspicious or perverted. Her questions still resonates with me:

Were you just watching Naruto?

Do you like anime?

My eyes opened because my dark nerdy secret was out, but in reality it wasn’t that bad…my roommate knew what I was watching and best of all she followed up with:

Is that the new episode?

Can I watch it with you?

Needless to say we became even closer friends after that. We laughed about how on the first night of us meeting in our dorm, when I came up to ask her something while she was talking to another girl and got super quiet an awkward, she was actually talking about anime and she didn’t want me to judge her.

Looking back at it, I still don’t know why I kept it a secret for so long. Was it because I wanted to be cool and fit in with the cool kids at College? Hahaha…ridiculous. I have always been a big nerd, and anime has always made me happy. Moral of the story…I guess, be cool with who you are and watch loads of anime!

My name is Paola. I was born and raised in another country. Believe it or not I LOVE anime. I watch tons of it, so when I asked NERDBOT to give me something to write about and contribute with, they said…hey write about anime, and I got super excited. Mostly because I now get to be a contributor to a super cool website, but also because have been slacking about anime watching lately.

This will now be my excuse to watch as much anime as I want. I will also go into reading manga, and give you suggestions of what to watch, why, and how cool that one character that dresses in drag is.

Stay posted for my nerdy reviews and please send me any cool suggestions of what I should watch/read or not.

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