Fear The Waking Dead: Episode 1 Review – Nick Clark Must Die!

I had a viewing party at my house last night with likely minded “The Walking Dead” fans.

A little bit of wine, beer, Captain Morgan, cheetos and a new show premiere always make for good times and a few fights.

In case you didn’t know “Fear The Walking Dead” premiered last night on AMC. It's a spin off / prequel to the events of “The Walking Dead” which are also produced and played by AMC.

Here is the plot:

“Set in Los Angeles, California, the series follows a divorced male teacher, a female guidance counselor, and her two children–a son and a daughter–in the opening stages of the zombie apocalypse as they come to terms with the impending collapse of civilization”

Are you locked in yet?!

If you're at all interested in finding out how this zombie apocolpyse begins, you need to give this a show a shot.

I’m an Agelino. Have been or the past 122 years (I’m a vampire, but we’ll get into that some other time)

I’ve know the city pretty well, so it was refreshing to see some familiar back drops in this new series.

To make this easier I’ll do a simple PROS & CONS


The show was very fluid. It has a solid cast with Cliff Curtis (playing Travis Manawa) and Kim Dickens (playing Madison Clark). The younger actors are generic, but that comes with the territory of any continued story development.

The show definitely left me with enough meat (pun intended) to stay tuned for next Sunday.



Nick Clark (played by Frank Dillane) is a confused, troubled drug youth that just does everything wrong for me. His sense of desperation just left me feeling like the show was being overshadowed by his clumsiness and over dramatization of the events leading up to the end of the episode.

The classic “he needs help, he’s confused, it’s not his fault, etc”. We all love troubled characters that will obviously find redemption, but I just wanted him to fall off a cliff and never return. After the first 5 minutes of the show I told everyone in the room “this idiot has to die”.


I think it was a great start to a new show. It’s helped by the nostalgia already injected to us from the past 5 seasons of The Walking Dead.

As premieres go I have to give it an 8.0

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