Why Destiny Should Allow Player Trading, Not Sell Strange Coins For Cash

Destiny is undoubtedly this year’s biggest FPS. It marks Bungie's first step out from under Microsoft's wing and the first time they have worked for another developer. Destiny has more than its fair share of issues, missing content and a torn story line being the biggest issues. However these issues are grossly overshadowed by how hard it is to get gear and weapons due to the fact that this is what is talked about day in and day out by fans.

There are two ways to fix this. The first and least practical way is for Bungie to sell for money packets of Glimmer, Motes of Light and Strange Coins as well as Gear and Weapons. This would be great, but it would start a trend that would require every player in Destiny to spend $10's to $100's of dollars on the newest gear and weapons as they come out in order to stay relevant. It would also quickly lead to players complaining even more about what Xur sells and the content and cost of such packages.

The second way to tackle this issue would be to have a market place for players to sell and trade Goods, Gear, Currency and Weapons within the game. However there are two ways to skin this cat. The Ideal way, set pre-established prices in Glimmer, Motes of Light and Strange Coins for each piece of Gear, each Weapon, Currency, and all Goods. Also allow players to trade any item straight up Legendary Gear for Legendary Gear. Epic Weapons for Epic Weapons and so on.

The not so Ideal way to accomplish this would be to set up said market place and let players decide what an item is worth individually. This would drive the market up and down depending on how often an item drops, which could be horrible. One thing that neither of these ways could control is exchanging real money outside of the game as well.

The way I suggest is to simply allow players to trade Gear, and Weapons within the game but not permanently. "Oh I have two Thorns let me lend you one so that we can do this strike more easily. But as soon as I log off i want it back." So the game allows for me to set the item to automatically return when I log off. Maybe I want to lend it to you for a day or a week... This will allow Bungie to let players pass around Gear and Weapons and stay in control of the market and Item drop rate and not allow players to make money off of Destiny or the way items are acquired.

Now I ask you year one "Beta" Frontier Founders, Dark Below, House of Wolves Adopters and year two The Taken King new comers…do you want to see Bungie give us this ability? Would you like a little more freedom with your gear? Are you just as Invested as I am into this 10 years of proposed expansions and play-a-bilty? Would you like to have more control over what gear you have and want?

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