NANA - An Anime With Music, Fashion, Drama & Struggle

If you love music, art, fashion, drama and the struggle to success…this is the Anime for you!

NANA is my number one, my all-time favorite, and my always go-to anime. I watch it: when I have break up, when I have a fight with a friend, and when I have the need to watch an Anime that gives me the feels. I just find it so relatable to everything in life.

I as write this article, I am watching NANA and I swear this is the billionth time I have watched it. If I could speak Japanese I swear I would be reciting along each line. If you know me, you know how excited I am it is on Netflix again…even though I already have the DVDs.

NANA is based on the manga of the same name written by Ai Yazawa. The author has a background in fashion and art, and because of this reason her illustrations are beautifully done. She also draws inspiration from Sid Vicious, Nancy and the Sex Pistols to give life to her characters.

It is the story of two twenty year old girls named Nana which are brought together by destiny, while following their dreams to move and succeed in Tokyo.

Nana Komatsu is impulsive when speaking her mind and when making decisions. Even though she always means well. She is boy-crazy, and easily falls in love, which leads to big heartaches through the story. She also has a hard time getting to know herself, and what she wants to do with her life.

Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is more grounded and driven by her dream to becoming number one rock star in the city. Because her lack in guidance in life, she has a hard time understanding and dealing with her emotions.

The anime also touches upon the struggle of being part of a band and what it costs to achieve success. Even though Nana is very talented, she finds herself constantly dealing with rivalry from another other famous band in Tokyo. Luckily she is heavily supported by her friends and band members to help her reach the top of the mountain.

This anime touches upon the themes of friendship, love, loyalty, heartbreak, betrayal and every day drama in the process of becoming a young adult trying to figure out their life and place in society.

Each character find themselves in complex scenarios, in which they need to use their skills and wittiness to stay above the water and survive what comes at them.

The anime also makes great use comedy to touch upon some themes and situations.

I promise, if you watch NANA, you will love it so much that you will continue onto reading the manga. The manga definitely goes more in depth with the background of each character. It also goes way past the anime.

NANA was supposed to have a second season, once the author was done writing the manga. Unfortunately, Yazawa became sick and was not able to finish it. Therefore, there wasn’t a second season for the anime.

Although the illustrator has recovered, she has not returned to writing. I still wait on the day when she resumes her writing and gives me a big end to the manga. Selfishly, only for my own closure.

You will also love the soundtrack. Each song will make you feel the emotion that the animators are trying to relate to their audience. I have attached the link to the opening song. Check it out!!

If you watch NANA, please let me know your thoughts! I give this anime a 10!!!!

Here's a video of the opening.

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