Transformers: Where They Started And Where They’re Going

A long time ago in a galaxy far far, wait a minute, wrong movie universe! A long time ago in the land of the rising sun , a toyline came out and was the pinnacle of my childhood, The Transformers and with it one heck of a 98 episode run, Saturday morning timeslot. Im going to go off and assume an explanation decepticons /autobots is unnecessary, nor where they come from, I mean you’re reading this on Nerdbot right ??? So none of that mumbo jumbo, just a fans love for a product a reminder of something you may have missed and things too look out for in the upcoming untitled Transformers 5 live action

Now if you’re like me, the peak of the US run animations came in 1986’s “Transformers The Movie”. With voiceovers from veterans Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime, Ironhide), Frank Welker (Megatron,Soundwave), Leonard Nimoy (Galvatron , DOTM’s Sentinel Prime) and Judd frickin Nelson as Hotrod ; was jam packed with a cheesy 80’s rock soundtrack, some of the best animations done for any run of Transformers a tear jerking passing of the Matrix of Leadership, Starscreams coronation, Megatrons evolution to Galvatron and subsequent destruction of one lieutenant who’s always looking to take control of the Deceptibaddies and Cybertrons equivalent to Galactus; will captivate your adult imagination to this day! If you haven’t seen the movie I suggest you do so now by following this link notice any of the influences taken from this movie and used throughout the 4 live action films to date? No? Well watch again and then go watch the 4 season 98 episode G1 series, once you’re caught up, my following predictions/expectations/hopes for TF5 will make a whole lot more sense. So without further ado here is my list of what I expect and hope to see from TF 5

1. The Quintessons

Since TF AoE and Lockdowns words of the creators not being happy, I felt the only

way to would be the Quintessons. Aside from the 5 faces of death story line in the cartoon, I believe the 1986 movie to be their only other appearance here in the US, aside from print. They were portrayed as egg-shaped 5 faced tentacle laden judges , who’s 80’s storyline could be stretched into the live actions need for “creators” and should translate well onto big screen, also they were defenseless which perfectly leads me into #2

2. The Sharkticons

Seeing as the Quintessons are defenseless, they need an army of mindless,

clumsy sharkbots. Seen first and only in the ’86 flick, they are as I said mindless and clumsy, pawns for the Quintessons, they were more like piranha overwhelming through numbers over singular strength. If hollywood sticks to any 80’s canon and uses the Quintessons there’s a fair chance you’ll see these suckers.

3. Primus/Unicron

You will recognize Unicron as the planet sized, planet transforming, world

destroyer from TF 1986, and has long been rumored to at some point make an appearance on screen via Imax =) now that we expect to travel outside earth in the next film and a rumored threat to earth, seems like a prime time for galactus, I mean Unicron to make an appearance. Primus on the other hand was never seen on any media outside comics, and was the original creator of the 13 (the first transformers) to combat Unicron. If the Quintessons are not included or not used as the creators, look for Primus to fill that role in his planetary form.

4. Flashbacks of a Young Hero and kinky robo relations

If Optimus Primes’ “creators” are pissed and want him back , I’m sure we will see a flashback to god knows when and likely when he was known as Orion Pax, hence the similarities between the gentleman you see to your left. And as long as we’re storytelling for backstory might as well include Orion/Optimus’ main squeeze Elita One, who influenced the female motorcycle autobots from ROTF. If Shia and that Irish dude can have love interests well so can our robohero

5. Alpha Trion, Vector Sigma

Originally the mentor to Orion Pax/Optimus Prime , a role filled by sentinel prime in DOTM, Alpha Trion is one of the oldest transformers with access to the incredibly powerful , multiversal super computer , which basically does

what the Cube/allspark/matrix of leadership did in the live action films, give or restore life to inanimate transformers. Look more for a verbal reference to both rather than screen time.

Other things I’m hopeful for in no particular order the introduction of Hot Rod and or Ultra Magnus, Omega Supreme playing a role should our movie take us out of our solar system. Metroplex the transforming city, Thundercracker and Skywarp flying alongside Starscream, The Space Bridge (the pillars from DOTM, a pivotal part of the G1 cartoon series, humans using transformer type exosuits, and maybe just maybe a new combiner or two i.e Stunticons turning into Bruticus, Aerialbots into Superion, Protectobots into Defensor or hopefully the Terracons into Abominus.

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