King Kong Vs. Godzilla Movie?

Apparently, the untitled King Kong Skull Island project is going from Universal to Warner Bros. and Legendary as Godzilla had some ties to WB for last year's (disappointment of a) remake.

Legendary is poised to produce sequels to that remake as well as Toho, the Japanese company behind the classic Godzilla films.

WB still holds rights to King Kong, but only licensed them out to Universal for Peter Jackson's 2005 film so WB will be the new home for Kong and Godzilla so why not pit them against each other? It worked for the 1962 and imagine the possibilities for sequels! Universal is already starting preproduction on Kong: Skull Island, starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins for release in 2017.

So after the Godzilla sequel, presumably directed by Gareth Edwards, and fresh

off of directing Star Wars: Rogue One, we will see a Godzilla 3 which will basically

be King Kong Vs. Godzilla! Now, maybe, hopefully we will get to see more of Godzilla in action and facing off against Kong!

The original 1962 King Kong Vs. Godzilla is one of my favorites and one of my first memories of watching movies. I can honestly say that even though I wasn't thrilled with last year's Godzilla remake I am looking forward to the next couple of movies. I hope that notes were taken by Edwards and co. and especially after working on a bigger production like Rogue One that we will receive some better Kaiju movies!

SOURCE: Deadline


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