Rogue One Tease After TFA Credits?

This little rumor has been circling the interwebs for a while but a new source has revealed that we will receive a new teaser and scene from Star Wars: Rogue One after The Force Awakens credits are over.

Schmoes Know added the fuel to the fire on their show Thursday night and said they trust their source who has provided useful and true information in the past.

Sure, we should take this with a grain of salt, like every unofficial rumor we hear because this is the internet where you should question everything. Since these rumors started breaking after stand-alone Star Wars films were announced, many people have come out saying that a post-credits scene won't work for Star Wars, even though it's worked for Marvel. Some are saying that it's not a staple of Star Wars and that it shouldn't be. Honestly, I think it wouldn't be a bad thing to tease the next movie even though the next movie to be released isn't Episode VIII. If you're any kind of a Star Wars fan you know that Rogue One takes place before Episode IV which takes place 30+ years before The Force Awakens so if this rumor IS true, they're doing it stridently from a marketing perspective – to get us pumped up for another Star Wars movie!

Either way, we will find out on December 18 when The Force Awakens hits theaters with the force of the Death Star's blast! Rogue One which hits theaters December 16, 2016

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