Star Wars Saga to Be Shown at AMC?

Could we get to see all six Star Wars movies before Episode VII? Star Wars Junk reports that AMC Theatres Tweeted this out earlier today:

and then took it down (of course), citing “legal issues” and left nothing but an Obi-Wan 404 error, stirring the pot:

Now, before you comment asking about which versions of the OT will be shown, it was reported that it would be the Blu-ray versions. NOOOOOOO!!

Still, seeing (if only) the OT on the big screen would be worth it to me, however I'm sure a lot of people are just going to sneak in after the Revenge of the Sith credits role...or most likely Attack of the Clones. It would be super amazingly cool to see The Force Awakens right after watching Return of the

Jedi though.

SOURCE: Star Wars Junk


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