Why I'm excited for Destiny: The Taken King

I played Destiny during the alpha and the beta. I was ecstatic with what I played and was blissfully optimistic about the final product. However, when September rolled around, I was pretty disappointed. The retail release didn't feel much more complete than the early builds of the game. An incoherent storyline, painfully repetitive gameplay, and very few environments created a stale and underwhelming product.

When The Dark Below and House of wolves came out, I could see a reversal of the trend. While it was gradual, Bungie has spent the last year attempting to mend some of those crucial things that were lacking at launch. None of these changes have been as substantial as this most recent patch. In preparation for the recently released Taken King expansion, the 2.0 update contained some great changes to the game. Higher bounty count, objective-tracking and several other features make the game a much smoother experience.

I am excited for Destiny once again. While there is still many features that should have been added long ago, Bungie shows a clear desire to appease its fanbase, and that fact alone is promising. The Taken King offers new subclasses for the game's three classes. More content is cool, but that specific addition gets me so excited because I always was of the mind that the classes needed components that make them distinct from one another. The new Crucible stages make the PVP feel like a completely new system. As someone who plunged countless hours into the crucible, it always frustrated me how symmetrical and similar all of the maps were. This is particularly frustrating because Bungie is the group that revolutionized multiplayer in shooters. So, seeing a return to their incredible stage design is a breath of fresh air.

I have always been a proponent of restructuring much of what Destiny is, especially that atrocious light level system. That seems to be the general direction that Bungie is taking with Destiny in year two. Deep inside of Destiny is a masterpiece. We just need to wait long enough for Bungie to carve away the aspects that are keeping this sphere of potential from becoming amazing.

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