A Weapon for a More Civilized Age - Adaptive Saber Parts!

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for the majority of my life. One of my earliest memories is how my Grandmother would in pop in the original Star Wars A New Hope in the VCR whenever she had to babysit me to keep me entertained. In fact it still keeps me entertained because the movie is a timeless classic! One of the greatest concepts to ever come out of this action space drama is that the only thing better than a laser gun is a laser sword aka the lightsaber! Lightsabers have become an influential part of human conditioning. We’ve all picked up a broom and swung it around while making the sound effects of a lightsaber. It’s a defining characteristic of humans and everyone has a desire to have one.

By the time Revenge of the Sith came out in theaters I decided it was time to get my hands on a replica lightsaber. I did some research on the interwebs about the Force FX lightsaber replicas and discovered that the blade part of the lightsabers were permanently attached to the lightsaber hilt. I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a wall decoration. I wanted something that I could hang on my belt and potentially hit things with without worrying about damaging the blade. That’s when I discovered the Saberforge website www.saberforge.com. They sold lightsabers that had removable blades and had the option to include sound or not (buying it with sound practically doubled the price). I opted to buy one without sound because I knew I would make the sounds myself just out of instinct. I went through their online catalog and decided on the Regal model with a Red LED.

Now that a new Star Wars movie is coming out (be sure to check the countdown clock for the Force Awakens on the Nerdbot homepage) I decided it was time to ger a new lightsaber. I went back to the Saberforge website and discovered how much has changed since my first lightsaber purchase. The Regal model was no longer offered and now there are at least a dozen new models that included direct homages to lightsabers from the movies. One of my favorites is the Gladius model.

Not only do they offer basic model of their lightsabers but they give you the options of different types of finishes on the hilts, such as a weathered look or dual tone. I thought that was awesome since that creates a more unique look for each lightsaber.

After some more research I discovered something even more awesome about Saberforge. It turns out that Saberforge started a Kickstarter campaign (they raised about $800,000 in less than 2 months!) to offer a brand new service for all lightsaber enthusiasts called Adaptive Saber Parts. What this does is turn each part of a lightsaber hilt to be interchangeable and make the inner circuitry a plug and play assembly so that no soldering would be required. This is definitely a game changer in the lightsaber enthusiast community. Tired of being a Jedi? You can easily change your blade color to a nice Sith red. Think your grip ergonomics could be better? Swap out the body for another. It’s that easy. Here’s a short video demonstrating how easy it will be to build you very own lightsaber using the Adaptive Saber Parts system.

There will be dozens and dozens of individual parts to use in combination to create a lightsaber of your very own. There is no set date to when Saberforge will release this option to the public but for now you can go to www.saberparts.com and start designing a lightsaber of your very own!

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