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Compared to what Destiny was before The Taken King DLC, it makes Destiny game of the year. Except, I can’t really say that because Destiny came out last year.

Okay, Expansion of the year!

Pound for pound I’ve never seen an expansion save a franchise quite like The Taken King. But what I can say is that the future of Destiny is as bright as ever. Never in my 30 years of gaming have I ever seen a DLC enhance/save a game quite like The Take King has done for Destiny.

Think of it like Captain America. We’ve all seen the movie by now, a scrawny young man (with potential like Destiny had) with the heart of a champion. He is injected with serum (in this case The Taken King DLC is injected into Destiny) and all of sudden we have a hero. That has to be the best comparison and if not oh well. I’d argue right now that The Taken King might as well be called Destiny 2, it has that much content and shit to do. This is definitely the game to hold you over for the rest of the year.

Destiny’s first DLC, The Dark below was just okay and offered Crota’s End raid and not much else. House of Wolves DLC gave Destiny its first glimpse of hope for the franchise. Prison of Elders is still damn enjoyable to play with your fire team. Along with new strikes and newer weapons, it has set up The Taken King to succeed in a way all guardians longed for.

I just beat the story and it was a blast. Oryx has come to to seek revenge after we all killed his son Crota, and his army of the Taken are no joke. New taken enemies have the same abilities of every enemy we have came across before but now shoot giant blinding balls at you the size of 10 foot waves. No longer can you hide behind a rock when that happens, like a 10 foot wave, it will hit you. Other taken enemies can teleport which make it hard for them to become bullet sponges. Cayde-6 and Eris Morn interactions with each other were funny. The fact she was so worried and Cayde- 6 never g ave a damn thinking every answer is to just blow shit up reminded me of how I am with my girlfriend, not that I blow shit up lol, but I know it’s never that serious ( I hope she is not reading this). It’s great to have two different outlooks in each situation and in TKK’s case allowing you to go in guns blazing or stealth it out. Yes I said stealth.

There are a few stealth like missions and game play situations where you better to use stealth, like Oversoul Throne mission seen in this video.

Hive can smell you, so you had better keep your distance or hell will unleash on you. Good luck trying to do much with your old weapons we have accumulated from past DLC, as many rare and uncommon guns pretty much destroy any exotic or legendary guns you have kept with you and that is fine with me. That’s not to say you can’t use your year one weapons on light level 34 missions, it just means…good luck trying to use them on light level 240 missions lol. However, some exotics you can find in the blue prints at the tower. They are eligible for year 2 upgrades like Thunderlord and Truth to go along with exotic gear you have to upgrade. This gives me the new feeling of playing Destiny all over again.

I’ve been through about 15 new primary weapons that were a joy to use. They don’t cap at level 170 like year 1 weapons have. Etheric light, we strived so hard to get in the House of Wolves, is pretty much useless now, making way to "Infusion!" Now we can infuse some of our legendary weapons and gear to cap out damage and gear at its highest light level, which will only cost you some materials, weapons parts, legendary marks and glimmer. You can infuse the same gun you have a few times to reach its highest light level.

Don't always be quick to dismantle. The only way you can infuse is to have gear or guns around the same damage and light level or a higher damage or light level. Infusing is the key to leveling up your light and having the edge over your enemies.

Every new and old strike will not have the same enemies on it and they come at different directions. For instance, my Fireteam and I ran into a few Templars as we were on our way to fight Valus Ta’aurc and there were all kinds of enemies. We had to adjust on the fly to get through in this strike. Luckily I found a random turret that cropped up to take out a wave that brought new life to this old fun strike.

Even though I’ve beaten the story, it feels as if I am just scratching the surface in TKK. I now have a quest and bounties galore. I haven’t even had a chance to play the new Kings Fall raid yet which includes puzzled platforming. That alone excites me.

Vault of Glass can take over an hour to do and even longer if you don’t have the right fire team. In fact, I now want to play Crotas End and Vault of Glass with my newer weapons and see just how much fun I will have defeating Atheon or Crota.

Crucible maps in TKK pay homage to what made the maps in Halo so damn fun and what made Bungie so distinctive. I was playing last night and that feeling from 10 years ago came back. It’s hard to describe, but if you were a Halo fan boy before 343 industries took over, you know just how magnificent they were.

There was a moment last night where I felt like Master Chief. The map was called The Dungeons and I saw two enemies controlling the A outpost. I threw my grenade in there… which kind of felt like a plasma grenade. I was a Hunter using my new Nightstalker sub class. My purple grenade stuck on the wall and blew them both up as they were getting shot from my other fire teammates. The narrator yelled out “2 for 1!” I had the biggest grin on my face since high school from my Halo 2 days.

There are 8 new maps. A few of them are great for sniping and some great for rolling with a shotty and causing mayhem.

Speaking of mayhem, the new Mayhem mode allows you to receive your super 40 seconds if not shorter as each kill speeds up your super and it’s like being trapped in a hornets’ nest with other hornets jacked up on 12 five hour energies mixed with 4 locos... Just chaos everywhere.

Also, a quick reminder, Xur sells Three of Coins, which is a buff that increases your chances of an exotic drop after beating an Ultra Boss. This buff stays with you until the exotic drops and it is not timed. If you do not see an exotic drop after you beat an Ultra boss, your chances actually increase next time you defeat an Ultra boss (so far in my short time with TKK I have only received legendary and rare items after defeating an Ultra boss, which could have something to do with my current light level at 265). Each week Xur will ONLY sell an exotic new gun or new exotic gear each week, but never both at the same time.

For example, this week he’s sold new exotic gear and an old exotic year one gun engrams that the Cryptarch will unravel, that again, stay at level year 1 damage of 170. I was able to turn that exotic into a Super Good Advice machine gun and add it my year 1 gun collection in my vault. Yes, there is finally added vault space.

Make no mistake, after completing the story it becomes a quest fest and bounty hunts. This game is still all about the chase for loot. Many of these quests cannot be completed without teamwork so make sure you play with your Fireteam. After all, that is what makes Destiny so much fun. Doing the daily missions, found at the bottom left corner, will give you 15 legendary marks after completion. Legendary marks allow you to purchase gear and weapons in the tower and upgrade your exotics. BTW, daily missions feel like strikes. They are that good right now.

I could keep going on and on here, but that was just a glimpse of what the new Taken King Expansion offers. Don’t be on the fence, go ahead and buy it and don’t ever look back. I will be on Xbox one and you can add me at doubleOwhitey. Meanwhile, I’ll be exploring post Oryx missions, quests, new strikes, finding ways to open up chest in Dreadnought, gain better loot in the field, destroy guardians in crucible, take on Kings Fall, up my light level and much more!

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