Miracle of Sound Releases Inspired Song for METAL GEAR SOLID V

"Earlier this month, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain brought the Metal Gear Solid series to a close…and it may be the end of Konami as we’ve known it! But if this is the end, then legendary game designer Hideo Kojima and his team are going out on top with another amazing game."

"As a tribute to Metal Gear Solid V, Gavin Dunne a.k.a. Miracle of Sound has written, produced, and performed “Don’t Say a Word,” an ‘80s-inspired electronic rock song based on the game. And while the title of the song and some of the lyrics suggest that Quiet is the focus, the imagery from the accompanying video centers on Venom Snake, the man who will become the Big Boss of the Metal Gear series."

Check it out below

Source: Nerdist


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