The 5 Greatest Female Action Characters Of All-Time, Ranked

You wouldn't want to piss off these top five female bad asses.

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#5 Alice, Resident Evil

"A former security operative turned resistance fighter Alice is the ultimate female fighter. She’s survived years fighting off zombies as well as those who want to take her down for turning against the Umbrella Corporation. Though Milla Jovovich has made this list with another one of her female action heroes, Resident Evil’s Alice is her own iconic character. Loosely based off the Capcom video games of the same name, the Resident Evil franchise wouldn’t bring in terrific critical reviews, but the character of Alice stands as one of the most iconic female action stars of all time. Jovovich's Alice was an original character created for the films, based on many of the strong women in the Resident Evil games. She is a smart leader, a killer fighter, and dedicated to her cause. Her skills grew even greater as the films progressed, and Alice has become the iconic figure associated with the franchise.

#4 The Bride, Kill Bill

Beatrix Kiddo, known primarily by the name The Bride is not only one of the best female action heroes, but best action heroes, hands down. In true Quentin Tarantino fashion, the two part Kill Bill series features a number of graphic, gut-wrenching battles, but with a cold-faced Uma Thurman portraying the vengeance-seeking protagonist, it makes the fight sequences that much more thrilling. Uma Thurman’s The Bride is scary. It is only till later in her story do we start to sympathize and realize the anger that lingers behind her fight. She doesn’t have to speak too much, which sometimes makes your skin crawl, but in seeing her fight to the finish, we realize how deadly of a force The Bride truly is. She is disciplined and highly trained, but more so than her extremely impressive fighting skills, her deadliest weapon is her focus.

#3 Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road

The newest action lady to make this top 10 list also ranks high above some of the rest. Mad Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa is quite the extraordinary female action character. While she drives front and center in the newest Mad Max film, it is her intelligence that makes her an even fiercer warrior. Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa is the lead antagonist’s top imperator and driver. On what is supposed to be a routine supply run, Furiosa goes against the everything she stand for to help save a group of women. On the run, we see how deep her character goes. Not only has she lost one arm (which does not hinder her fighting skills in the slightest) but she also knows what it is to fight for survival. And that’s why she risks everything for these women. So that they can raise their children away from such awful conditions. Furiosa never gives up, and by the end of her journey, she is praised by the people of her land, a true heroine, with a heart of gold and a warrior’s fight.

#2 Sarah Connor, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

There’s been many portrayals of Sarah Connor over the years, and that’s what makes this female action character so iconic. Her story is one that still holds, and her fight is one that we still want to watch over and over again. In the first Terminator film, we didn’t see the Sarah Connor we came to love and respect. Still a damsel in distress, it wasn’t until Terminator 2: Judgement Day that the true badass came out to play. Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor transformed herself into a ferocious warrior all to protect her son. She may sometimes be a bit violent and mentally unstable, but her behavior all stems in being the greatest protector she can be. She is cautious and careful when it comes to any technology and takes much time in building a relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800. But what makes Sarah Connor rank so high on this list, is that she is first and foremost a mother. Her action-heavy role is created because of her concern for her son. And if that’s not the most incredible feat, I don’t know what is.

#1 Ellen Ripley, Alien

There’s really no debating that Alien’s Ellen Ripley sits atop the list of the greatest female action characters. She is the #1 female action character. Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, Ripley is not only considered an iconic action hero, but also considered one of the best female protagonists of all time. When the first Alien was released in 1979, putting a female at the lead of a science fiction action film was unheard of. And with Weaver behind the role, it would prove to be even more powerful. Weaver earned an Oscar nomination for the role, but more so than anything, Ellen Ripley became an iconic character in cinema. She’s never a sidekick, only a hero. Ridley Scott’s Alien features a highly aggressive extraterrestrial baddie, and Ripley is one of the few smart and savvy enough to survive it. Through the many sequels of the franchise Ripley had many trials and tribulations, but she was always a relatable character that you admired. "

Source: Cinema Blend


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