Long Beach Comic Con 2015 - This is the Con you're looking for!

The words "Comic Con" strike up several thoughts that come to mind. Who will be at the panels? What vendors will be there? Which cosplay should I go as? Should I enter the cosplay contest? How much money should I blow on comics and art work? Should I skip on my rent and go both days?

Yes....Yes I should.

Comic con is an event I look forward to and like most cosplayers and like minded nerds, I must prep and prepare my costume several weeks in advance. This year I went as Tron. (Which by the way, super bummed they're not doing another tron.. But I'll save that rant for another day.)

This years Long Beach Comic Con had everything and more! Panels ranging from: Science-Fiction, Science; Synergistic Sisters, JPL: Crazy Engineering, Secrets of X-Men: Evolution and a ton more.

The line up of featured artists were also amazing. Everything from graphic prints to hand drawn pieces, epic cosplayers, and more! I stopped by Levi Craig's booth and picked up two of his water color prints. I love the idea of using bright colors for such dark characters, phenomenal.

But as always, my eyes were on the cosplayers. There were some serious cosplayers that we at Nerdbot had the pleasure of meeting and here's some shots we took!

Overall, long beach Comic Con had it all, and it's always a joy to attend. If you missed this one, make sure you're there next year!

I've attached a few pictures below.


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