BB-8 Made Was In That Facebook Interactive Star Wars Video, See Him Here!

Recently, Star Wars helped Facebook unveil its upcoming 360-degree video capabilities by filming an interactive sprint across the fictional planet of Jakku on Rey’s speeder. We’ll include the video below, just because I know that you will want to watch it (and play with it) again and again, but for now, did you catch the BB-8 cameo? It was quick, but recognizable if you knew where to look. Here he is:

That is the moment in the clip where BB-8 appears. It happens at the end, as the craft comes to a halt. Here he is blown up (and blurry):

IGN gets proper credit for finding the rolling droid, who has become the breakout star of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens long before the movie has even reached theaters. Hell, BB-8 created a frenzy online when he became available as a toy, creating memes and viral videos.



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