More than just felt: A Review of the Muppets pilot

In their return to primetime T.V. the Muppets show that they are more than just felt puppets with hand inside of them. The pilot episode “Pig Girls Don’t Cry” explores the life of the titular characters in the faux-documentary style that successful shows like The Office and Modern Family have used.

The characters are familiar, but this series is different and aimed at an adult audience while airing at 8pm. Kermit and the gang use their humor that we remember as kids, but with some sexual themes and innuendos thrown in the mix. This change feels a bit weird and at times like some sort of fan fiction. The episode also journeyed into the love lives of Kermit and Denise the sexy pig from marketing and the struggle of Fozzy and his human girlfriend.

There is more to this show than the inner workings of what happens in the sheets between the Muppets. In this version of the Muppets the back drop of the series is that Miss Piggy is the host of a late night show. With late night shows come interactions with the guest. Which is a highlight of the show is the feud between Missy Piggy and Elisabeth Banks. Their bad blood isn’t explained but the interactions between Banks, Piggy, and Scooter are pure comedy. But in the same regard the joke about Miss Piggy having plastic surgery felt a little much.

The comedy in the show felt hit or miss at times. Fozzy Bear predictably has a gay joke about his online profile. Anyone with any sort of comedy bone in their body would use him being a bear of a setup for a joke like that. When it went flat was when he explained that it was ok for others but not for his lifestyle. This episode had plenty of jokes that just didn’t make the mark to being funny.

One major change to the Muppets lore is that Kermit is not always a nice guy. In scenes he came off as dickish and mean. This addition to his character is something I like and would like to see explored more. He is not the Hulk but you wouldn’t want to see that frog angry.

In the end the Muppets series premiere gave familiar characters a new life, traits, but kept jokes that didn’t fit this new style too well. This show is not completely bad and has room to improve. It will anger parents and confuse children with the exploration into the Muppets sex life and adult activities which may be the downfall of the show. Will this show be the 1st to be cancelled probably not but it has room to grow.

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