Loot Crate Review -September 2015 SUMMON

I received my Loot Crate today, and this one was a bit of a mixed bag compared to last month's Villains 2(which you can read elsewhere). The artwork for Summon lead me, personally, to believe we'd be getting something from Blizzard(be it Hearthstone or World of Warcraft), Supernatural, League of Legends(I'll explain why that was wrong), and for some very strange reason the Simpsons. Further artwork confirmed the suspicion of an entry by Pokémon. And now, let me explain what happened as I opened my crate.

To begin with, my girlfriend and I tend to open our crates in a unique way. Rather than opening the crate wide to reveal everything, we open it just enough so we can reach in and take out one item at a time. This, I feel, makes the suspense

more palpable. So the very first thing that I removed made me Wanna Catch Em All. It was a "Pokémon Laplander Hat" in the visage of possibly the most famous of all Pokémon, Pikachu. This is absolutely adorable and will be going to my girlfriend, as we split most of our Loot Crates and she is a far bigger Pokémon and Pikachu fan than I am. Note, that I had told her if the Pokémon item was Blastoise related (.5% chance of it being anything but Pikachu in my mind) I was keeping it. So there she gets her first item. Next came something neat. A "Hearthstone Foam Stress Ball" from the Blizzard Entertainment game Hearthstone. While I have played the game before, and rage quit in frustration, I

still feel this is a rather neat item as I will probably break it within a year. Third came to the second promised item for my girlfriend. A Loot Crate Exclusive "Supernatural 1967 Chevy Impala" model. This thing is amazingly awesome. Even though I am getting into Supernatural, my girlfriend's been watching it far longer and has a much deeper love of the show, so I already had promised anything Pokémon and Supernatural to her, on top of the Pin which she collects.

Next up is the odd ball item. A "Homer Simpson Golden Buddha" by kidrobot. I still have absolutely no idea what the Simpsons is even doing in this crate, since I

don't know what they have to do with the theme of Summon. But, there it is, and I likely won't remove it from the box since I, honestly, don't care. I then pulled the

pin, which has a neat design to it with the top of Pikachu visible in what looks like a summoner square. The final item was a "Hearthstone Collectible Coin and Card Pack Code" from Blizzard Entertainment. This is neat for two reasons. One, it's actually rather thick, meaning they actually cared about it, and two, I actually do collect geeky coins, so this will make a nice addition to my collection of a Star Wars collectable and a Replica Two-Face Coin. I'm not sure if I'm going to get back into Hearthstone to use the code, but I probably will cause, why not, right?

Now, while the final item was there, I then took a quick look at the Loot Crate Magazine which had the artwork for Summon. This is where I realized my initial error. What I assumed was Ezreal from League of Legends turns out to be a character from Hearthstone, as I can see what I assume is a Hearthstone (similar to my stress ball) floating next to his hand. So this was simply an error on my part. While I was disappointed at the lack of LoL being included, it was my own fault and will not reflect on the score. The final treat, however, is a free Mobile AR game by Loot Crate called Master Summoner. As of this writing I have not downloaded nor tried it out, but it incorporates the crate, itself, as well as cards that are found in the back of the Loot Crate magazine.

So, now it's time for my verdict. Considering my initial disappointment was my own fault, I have to simply judge this crate based on it's contents. While I was very disappointed with last months, I feel this month's Crate did a great job giving nice and neat little things as well as sticking quite close to the theme of Summon, if you ignore the Simpson's. As a result, and based on the uniqueness of the items, I give this month's Loot Crate a score of 8.5/10. Honestly, the Simpson's baffled me and, to me, simply took up real estate that something else could have used. But, overall, I am very pleased with this Loot Crate.

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