Sigourney Weaver Will Appear in new Ghostbusters Reboot

That’s right, science fiction movie legend Sigourney Weaver will be returning to the Ghostbusters franchise, although at this time it is unclear in what role or capacity. Considering the pitfalls that she experienced in the first two films — being turned into a stone dog and then having her baby stolen so an ancient god could use his body to return to Earth — will she have an easier time? Or should we expect to see her with involved with another spectral disaster?

Director Paul Feig recently announced the end of filming, so it’s unclear if Weaver’s scenes were filmed and he was getting in front of news that was about to break, or if she is a late addition and more shooting will be taking place.

The newest Ghostbusters has already confirmed that quite a few of the original cast members will return in the film, including Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, and Dan Aykroyd. It is only appropriate that the leading female protagonist from the original films should also return for this version. I really want to know if her and Venkman had a nice life together, and if Peter was the father Oscar deserved.


Source: Nerdist

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