In Theory We Are All Kylo Ren

I’ll have to warn you now potential spoilers to come for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and maybe possibly Episode VIII. You’ve been warned because the spoiler train is leaving the station.

Ok, so if you’re still here the latest rumor and fan theory about the Force Awakens revolves around Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. To start off Kylo is a big fanboy of the late Sith Lord. He modeled his mask after Anakin’s own bucket…well, of course without the breathing apparatus that gave him that sweet sweet oxygen. Kylo has the burnt mask of Vader and is on the hunt for his lightsaber that he had before he switched from Jedi to Sith. But is he trying to resurrect papa Skywalker or trying to find a cloning warehouse where there are plenty of clones waiting to be used by an old man in a robe.

If you put the pieces together this would mean a pre-lava bath Anakin would possibly show up after the Force Awakens. This would mean that Hayden Christensen will show up to run amuck in the mid-movie of the trilogy. Where this story goes…who knows with J.J. Abrams driving the Falcon for a one movie trip. Did he write the remaining parts of the movies or does Disney have templates that the directors and writers have to work with?

Is this third trilogy more than just a 3rd set of movies, instead a love letter to the fans? As the rumor mill has it Kylo Ren is us, the loyal fans of the Skywalker Saga. He symbolizes the passion we have for the series and that very love brought the franchise back. Oh and of course the potential for merch, rides, and more movies which means more Disney Bucks. Did I just date myself there?

To put a bow on this theory we are all Kylo Ren and we want to bring back our hero from the dead with pieces of merch that we have acquired over the years. My own thought on this is I hope it does not happen.

I love Vader and his story is one of the best in Sci-Fi, but I don’t want to see it continued through a clone. What I would like is to see a stand alone movie or prequel films involving the Rebels crew fighting Vader and the rise of the Empire itself with him as a background character. Would I like Hayden Christensen back as Anakin only if he is a droid? A Vader comeback wouldn’t kill the franchise for me, but a Jar Jar Binks one would. In the famous words of my niece he is a disgrace to the French Fries.

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