Pokémon Butt Merchandise

"The Pokémon Center has brought in new items to their stock and this time, they are all about butts... Literally, Pokémon butts. There are all types of Pokémon butts to choose from, bags, pouches, cups, charms, pouches, plushies and more.

It's slightly alarming actually, the items are just butts - there aren't any faces associated with them, even the big "cushions" are just butts. The butt pouches don't even have a face, yes, for $9.50 you can store things in your faceless Pokémon butt bag.

On top of the faceless stuffed things, there are also boxer shorts.

Nothing says, "Babe, you're gonna feel my Thunderbolt" like a pair of boxer briefs (for both men and women). You can begin seducing people with Pikachu's moveset for only $12.50, not a bad deal.

Starting October 10, The Pokémon Center will feature the special butt merchandise for Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buzel and Azumarill. The executives behind bringing these items to stores must have done a study regarding which Pokémon butts get crowds paying the fastest, but I can't help but notice there's no Charmander butt."


Source: IGN.com

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