Star Wars Unaltered and In HD Available Now!

Yes, you read that right, but before you go firing up your Blu-ray player you might want to keep reading.

We all know and hate (or know someone who hates) the George Lucas special edition versions of the original Star Wars trilogy but what if I told you there's a way to see these films unaltered and in HD?

Where might you find it?

Well, the internet, of course! A labor of love by a group of different people who have cleaned up and restored the original versions using the 2011 Blu-rays as a template as well as many other different sources, including the non-anamorphic “Bonus” discs that came with the 2006 reissue of the DVDs.

These versions are known as the George's Original Unaltered Trilogy (or GOUT) and were also used to re-create the original versions along with some VHS and even Laserdisc copies.

The video below gives you an in-depth making of the Despecialized versions:

So these Despecialized versions are not only removing the horrible digital changes George Lucas has made over the years, they are also correcting faulty color, picture and audio quality making it look great on modern HDTVs.

Things like bluescreen lines around the Rancor or the boxes around TIE Fighters have been fixed while Greedo shooting first is gone as well as that horrible dance number in ROTJ (thank the maker!) The three OT movies in the 2011 Blu-ray release from Lucasfilm had horrible color timing so even the official releases don't look right color-wise and had a magenta tint to it, not to mention making the actor's faces pink.

Sure, these are not official from Lucasfilm and sure, downloading them is technically illegal but this is the only way to see these films in their original, unaltered form. You can always just rationalize the download by telling yourself you're a film presovationist – dedicated to keep films free from tampering. However, we here at Nerdbot do not condone or advocate downloading.

If you're still not convinced check them out for yourselves and trust me, you'll never watch those Blurays again because this is how Star Wars should be experienced!

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