Attack on Titan Season 2 LEAK!!!

The last episode of the first season aired in September of 2013. Over 2 years have passed and the suspense of when the next season has been building because there was no word of when season 2 would start. During these two years we’ve had car commercials, a movie, and even some video games that have been developed.

But now the time has come to rejoice because it’s finally here! Signs of the 2nd season of Attack on Titan of leaked online!! Perhaps this new season will answer some of the biggest questions of the series. What did Eren’s Dad inject him with? Why did Annie attack the Survey Corps? Why are there Titans? Why the hell is there a Titan stuck in the wall? When will Levi turn super saiyan?

There is still no word on when season 2 will start but this footage gives us all hope that it will premier next year.

Check It Out!

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