PS4 Firmware Update 3.0 - YouTube Live, More Online Storage, Better Screenshots

So the start of this month saw yet another new Playstation 4 software update. Version 3.00 has added a few new tweaks to the interface along with some new features, some more welcome than others. One of the most significant is the online storage capacity being upped from 1GB to 10GB. Along with this, Sony have added a meter that shows you just how much data your using.

One feature that a lot of users have been waiting for is the addition of YouTube Live. This gives players the chance to stream their gameplay to YouTube. With YouTube now offering its own app and gaming site this new feature has came at a great time for players.

Sony want us to be more social and a lot of this update is aimed at that so there is now a Communities section on the home screen which gives everyone the option to make a group about standalone games or specific genres. Within each group is a message board for discussion and also a section where you can place screenshots.

Another new option being added is the Events page where it will show you if there are any online tournaments or broadcasts in the games you play. From there you can register in any you would like to participate in.

They have also included little add ons like being able to share small video clips to Twitter and the ability to add stickers to conversations which is a nice touch. If you like taking screenshots and want them in higher quality theres now the option to select PNG instead of JPEG.

So all in all its definitely the most significant update we have had in awhile, it is in its early days and there are a few issues, lack of a search function in the communities feature and long loading times in the events hub are being highlighted so far.

To be fair there isn’t a lot that really needs changed, there is still some things I have wanted to see for while now and they haven’t happened yet like the option to see your trophies offline or to put the games and apps in the order I want along the main bar on the home screen. It’s an update that’s more for the players that interact with other users and make use of the online side of things so if you don’t use that so much Version 3.00 might be abit of a disappointment.

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