Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Trailer, Ticket Sales Coming October 19!

"According to multiple early reports, as well as some of our sources as well. The new Force Awakens trailer, the first new footage from the film since the :15 Instagram video in August, will actually be the last Force Awakens trailer according to our sources and will debut online on October 19 before eventually making its way to theaters on November 6 with Spectre.

In addition, multiple theater chains are reporting that Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets will go on sale the same day, though the time is unclear.

Yesterday, Cinemark accidentally posted an official graphic to one of the international markets announcing the pre-sale, only to pull the information shortly thereafter (“In the next Monday begins the pre-sale of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at #Cinemark! Run before the Stormtroopers end up with all the tickets.”). In addition, multiple AMC Theaters managers in the United States and Canada have reportedly informed staff of an October 19 pre-sale date, according to users on There is expected to be an official announcement from Lucasfilm and Disney on the trailer debut and ticket pre-sale prior to October 19, though we don’t know when yet; we’ve heard Friday, but have also heard Sunday (with the potential for one of those frustratingly short “teaser for the trailer” videos accompanying the announcement)."


Source: ScreenCrush

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