Fox to Give Fantastic Four Rights Back to Marvel?

Den of Geek is reporting that Marvel may have made a trade with 20th Century Fox, giving them television rights to Hellfire and Legion in exchange for the FF rights which also includes side characters like Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom and Galactus.

Marvel just announced three mystery movies for 2020 and with a little luck, one of them may just be Fantastic Four, or something else which would include those characters.

This year’s Fantastic Four, which is, not surprisingly, probably one of the worst movies of the year. There’s no doubt Marvel would love to have the rights back in their hands, leaving Fox with the X-Men as their only Marvel property. With Spider-Man back in their hands, Marvel is looking to do the right thing by these characters and films and there’s no doubt they will be trying to change the public’s view on Fantastic Four, which hasn’t been successful or well-received at all, despite having four movies already currently released.

So far, this is only a rumor so take it with a grain of salt but I have high hopes Fox will do the right thing and once again, give Marvel back what’s theirs to do right by.


SOURCE: Den of Geek

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