Game Review - Star Wars: Uprising for iOS and Android

So, it's been a month since the newest Star Wars mobile game has come out, and let me just say, there hasn't been a day where I haven't been playing it. Now, I may be a bit biased, being as I'm a huge Star Wars Nerd, much like many of you, but this game is fun, especially as far as Mobile Games are concerned. The game plays like many other mobile games. You click on your enemy to attack, use a variety of click/drag/double clicks to use special abilities, and try not to die. And trust me, the glitches in this game will make you die.

While it's still early in the games release, I'll be forgiving of most of the glitches, especially since they seem to be fairly sorted on 90% of the early game. And since I, myself, haven't yet been able to actually make it past Hoth(the third planet in the game) I can't actually speak on behalf of the later levels. The biggest problem this game has is when the game glitches and ignores that you tried using a special power. This seems most common when you're being assaulted by six or more enemies, especially Stormtroopers. Oh, let me hush the Stormtrooper haters right now. These guys tend to have terrific accuracy and tend to attack in groups. You will rarely deal with one or two Stormtroopers and are much more likely to find them in groups of at least three to four, if not much more. But enough about that. There are a number of things to do in this game. First of all, once you clear a planet a series of repeatable missions will appear. These do not offer any XP bonuses, but will provide you with the much needed level up materials to make your equipment better. Next, you'll start gaining crew members which you can send off to do other side missions to collect money, reputation, gear, materials, and new crew members. In order to upgrade them, you'll need to complete gear sets to unlock blueprints so they can be the best crew possible, so don't do what I did and salvage all your gear you're not wearing.

The final thing about this game is that it is the first game to expand on the new Disney/Lucasfilm Canon of Star Wars. The events of the game take place shortly after the Battle of Endor where the Empire is doing what it can to deny the fact that Emperor Palpatine is dead and the Death Star is destroyed. In fact, there is constantly propaganda playing that is declaring the Empire as "Victorious" against the Rebel Alliance.

The game is a lot of fun, with plenty of replay value(especially since you can create multiple characters) so this game gets a review of 9.5/10 from me. I really see very little they can do, other than fixing the glitches and giving me some Mandalorian Armor, that could possibly make the game any better.

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