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Marvel has a lineage of creating some of the most interesting superheroes that the world has seen. This popularity helped pave the way for Marvel's massive movie presence in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We sat down and asked some of the Nerdbot crew who their favorite Marvel heroes were. Here is what they had to say... Andres' Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1. Gambit 2. Silver Surfer 3. Carnage 4. Iron Man 5. Blade Ajay's Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1. Spiderman 2. Gambit 3. Iron Man 4. Hulk 5. Jubilee Yoda Adam's Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1. Nighcrawler 2. Silver surfer 3. Iceman 4. Jean Grey 5. Ironman Jaime T's Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1. Hulk- Big. Green. Wears stretchy pants 2. Doctor Strange- He is the Sorcerer Supreme! He has a spell for everything. That’s a very handy talent to have. Coffee turned cold? ABRACADABRA! Instantly warm again. 3. Gladiator- This guy was awesome in the X-Men animated series. He took a punch to the gut from Juggernaut and didn’t even flinch. Plus, he has a cool purple mohawk. Not many people could pull that off. 4. Spiderman 2099- He’s like Spiderman…but from the future! And with a much cooler costume 5. Storm- She’s the queen of the elements. She could instantly ruin your picnic if she wanted to. Brian's Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1. Wolverine - The coolest, most bad-ass character ever! He is almost indestructible, has claws and an attitude. There's a reason he's emulated so much, bub. 2. Spider-Man - Who doesn't like your friendly, wise-cracking, ass-kicking Spider-Man? Nerd to hero? We see ourselves in Spidey. 3. Hulk - Big, green and pissed off! Plus, he's a lonely character since he can never get close to anyone. 4. Iron Man- Rich, troubled genius, wise-ass and kicking ass. Who wouldn't want to be Mr. Stark? 5. Captain America - The All-American boy turned hero - He's a patriot who would give his life for his country and fellow humans which is the definition of a hero. Aaron's Top 5 Marvel Superheroes:

1 Thor 2. Spidey. He's amazing. 3. Black panther. 4. Captain America because America. 5. Hulk. He is incredible There is a lot of love for Gambit, Iron Man, and everyone's favorite web-swinger.

What is your top 5 list of Marvel Superheroes? Let us know in the comments!

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