Loot Crate Review -October 2015 TIME

So this is a special treat, this month. Not only did I get Loot Crate, but I also got two other subscription boxes that I will be reviewing. But let's start things off with what I'm known for on NerdBot. Loot Crate.

The theme this month was Time, which is beyond appropriate considering that October 21, 2015 is the day Marty and Doc Brown went in Back to the Future Part II. Now, nostalgia aside, I hate to say this. But Loot Crate was very underwhelming this month. There were only four items, in spite of how neat each of them was.

First we have the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure T-Shirt (see full gallery of pictures above). While I was extatic about it, my girlfriend thought it was odd getting a "TARDIS blue shirt" that wasn't Doctor Who related, and I have to agree. The shirt should have been yellow and red, but at least it wasn't another Black T-Shirt, which Loot Crate has a few too many of. That said, she also has yet to actually see Bill and Ted, something I plan on changing ASAP.

Secondly we have the Sonic Spork from Doctor Who. While this is really neat, my girlfriend and I were both a bit disappointed it was 11's Sonic, since we like 10 more. Regardless, this is a neat product that will get plenty of use.

Next is a Replica Hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II, complete with a certificate of authenticity. It comes with a mirrored base and see thru plastic tabs holding it up. This is neat, as well as the only item I kept out of the crate, but I'm not going to be putting it on display just yet. Finally we have a Funko Pop of Doc Brown from Back to the Future Part I. This was really cool, and will make a nice addition to my girlfriend and I's collection of Loot Crate Funko Pops.

And that's it. There were some neat things in the book, including a "Who's Your Doctor" poster chart that had a BTTF "OUTTATIME" License Plate on the back, but overall this Crate was a big letdown. Not quite as bad as Villains 2, mind you, but I expected more out of Loot Crate. It really felt to me like they were trying to force people into the Level Up program, which I feel is kinda messed up. But officially, I give this crate a 5/10. Loot Crate better start stepping up their game if they want me to continue buying it after the new year.

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