Blomkamp's Alien Sequel On Hold Indefinitely!

Sad news today, folks. Neil Blomkamp's Twitter revealed that his untitled Alien sequel that we all had hope for has been put on hold indefinitely.

The sequel to Alien and Aliens would have followed Ellen Ripley and Hicks after the aftermath of James Cameron's

Aliens. Considering that Ridley Scott has been prepping the sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Paradise Lost and then Blomkamp's movie would start production later, probably sometime mid-2017. With his own pre-production art and maybe even a script, it's odd to see him back out of it, considering his passion for the project.

Ridley Scott has a few Prometheus sequels he wants to make, I just don't understand why the two couldn't co-exist. Maybe it was something else we will never know about. While we still have Scott's new movies to look forward to, it's sad to think of what could have been a great follow-up by a fan of the series who could have gotten it right.

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