Manga Apps - The Way I Read Them On My Phone

Have you ever made a discovery of a new band (right now I am obsessed with Twenty One Pilots) or activity (like hiking to the Hollywood Sign), and immediately had to share with the world?

*** See what I did there. Ha

Well, I have made a grand discovery of a couple of apps that allow you to read MANGA on your phone, and I wanted to share with everyone out there tuning into NERDBOT.

To be honest, I didn’t make the discovery all on my own. Actually my best friend recommended me to read this new Manga about STAR WARS!! And when I asked where I could find it…she said download LINE Webtoons…an app where the manga is specifically made for your phone screen.

To me, this is like the discovery of a new continent or Atlantis or existent aliens in the universe. Since I downloaded it, I have not stopped reading different stories during my breaks at work and before going to sleep.

Not only is Webtoons perfect for your phone, but the art is beautiful and in full color. Here are the different stories I am reading this week.

STAR WARS: No explanation needed

HIVE: Where humans are threatened by a new species of alien wasps…yeah like a zombie apocalypse…but creepier

unTOUCHable- Which a cutesy, funny and romantic story of a different kind of vampires roaming our streets.

Here is the website in case you are curious

Once I settled into Webtoons, I started thinking that maybe other very popular manga apps could possibly exist. This led me to Zingbox, described on the internet as the BEST free manga reader. I decided to make that statement my judgment call by downloading the app.

At first, they make you choose between all the websites that offer free manga…I picked manga panda…and searched for my favorite titles. Even better, they were all there and up to date. You can download the file or read them on the app. Is so fast and convenient. Now I don’t have to carry my tablet or my computer everywhere in order to read the latest chapters of my favorite mangas. Some of the titles I looked up were:


Skip Beat


Attack on Titan


If you are a manga reader aficionado…I highly recommend that you download both apps like now, if you haven’t already. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say about my discovery.

Have an awesome and Nerdy day


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