Romero’s and Marvel's "EMPIRE OF THE DEAD" Headed to AMC!

"During a local news story about Wizard World in Louisville, artist Arthur Suydam took some time to plug the Marvel comic Empire of the Dead, for which he provided cover art. Suydam also made mention of it being picked up for television by AMC—huge news for horror and comic fans, natch.

Empire of the Dead continues the story of the zombie apocalypse detailed in George Romero‘s comic book series, inspired by his seminal Living Dead films. The comic initially follows survivors in the Manhattan quarantine zone after the zombie plague has ravaged Earth, but also introduces an element many would not expect from a Romero story—vampires. Yes, Empire of the Dead tells a story that pits humans against two forms of undead that look to use them as food. While the comic has been a success for both Romero and Marvel, only time will tell if television audiences are willing to accept a world of both flesh eaters and blood suckers.

The Empire of the Dead comic series was reported to be in development for television back in May, but here was no mention of which network would likely pick it up. But let’s be real: nobody figured AMC would be the one to do it, right? After all, they already play host to the wildly popular series The Walking Dead, and its Fear the Walking Dead spin-off. Meaning, Empire of the Dead would mark their third zombie television show. It would also become the network’s third comic book adaptation—following the aforementioned Dead and the forthcoming Preacher."


Source: Nerdist

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