Snow White's "The Poison Apple Shot" - Nerdbot Nerd Drinks

This new drink we've made in honor of the first Disney princess...SNOW WHITE!

We call this shot The Poison Apple Shot

Here's what you need:

Real Apple

Lemon Baller

Bar spoon or spoon


1/2 shot of Apple Vodka (Betini Appletini is best)

1/2 Oz Apple Pucker

Float with Bacardi 151

Fire Extinguisher (just kidding)

For instructions please watch the video.

Our taster for this video is Cosplayer Tiffany Eddy

You can find her on Instagram @TheSteamstress Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE for more awesome drinks!!!!! Our resident bartender is Ajay Graham from Jewels Mixology Visit his site at FB:

Here's the Video:

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