The Right Way To Inroduce a Re-invented Superhero Like Spider-Man

In real life when you are introduced to someone new, most of the time it is a baby, new co-worker or friend of a friend. You typically have some time between learning a little bit of about them and meeting them. For me, it still seems like a surprise when I do finally meet someone or something I’ve heard of briefly. With the introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe many wanted Miles Morales to still be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Well my amigo…I say wait and here’s why.

In the comics, characters are introduced and reinvented, but it normally isn’t a mainstay hero…well until the last couple of years. We’ve run into this situation when Captain America was replaced in the modern times for the 1st time. Steve Rogers was killed after the events of the Civil War event and he seemed dead. For a while the world wondered who would wield the shield. The front runners were Frank Castle, aka the Punisher or the tamer choice, but yet more violent than the original, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. This situation lasted for about a year or 2 until Steve comes back from the past because bullets in the Marvel Universe send you back in time. This changing of the guard only lasted for a small time.

This leads to eventually Rogers losing his superhuman abilities and leading him to age into his 80’s. Sam Wilson took up the mantle of Captain America and this was a refreshing change in the comics. We were just introduced to a female Thor called Thor, and now we have a black Captain America. Sam still kept his skills and abilities from his stint as the Falcon, but now with a new uniform. This change was a progressive change with some history to it. Sam Wilson was one of the 1st main black characters in the MU. He worked with Captain America for years so this made sense. In my eyes he earned the shield and title of Captain America.

Miles Morales also falls into this realm. In the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker is brutally killed by the Green Goblin in front of his family and love ones. This was after multiple attacks from numerous other villains and a crisis with the Ultimates. The new series of Ultimate Spider-Man we meet young spunky half Black and Dominican Miles Morales. A new webslinger we can get behind after losing Peter Parker. He is now a fan favorite and in high demand.

He is where my problem lies. Many people who just watch the movie and casually read comics are demanding for these characters to be introduced. I say patience is a virtue. When it comes to this, it’s not just a re-skin or new race assignment. It’s more about a new story that holds a great reward to it in the end. The movies can say so much in a little amount of times. Yes, an arch in a comic can take months to pay off, but that builds intrigue and passion.

Here is how Marvel can introduce these characters to a new set of fans. For Sam Wilson as Capt there has to be a movie or movie and a half where the Winter Soldier is Captain America and in the end or middle of an Avengers movie he is either killed or has to give up the title. BOOM next scene we see Sam pick up the shield and pledge an oath to uphold what it means to be Captain America. Of course Steve Rogers is dead or depowered at this point. This way will take some time. Probably not until phase 4 or 5.

The character of Miles Morales can be introduced as a 12yr old or 13yr old middle school student who runs into Peter Parker or idolizes him and Spider-Man in the 1st movie. In the second movie we see him get his powers and possibly the death of Peter Parker at the end of this film. The 3rd movie will have Mile Morales become the Ultimate Spider-Man because Peter was… wait for it…AMAZING. This way it can build speculation and interest in Miles. In this way fans will research and fall in love with him in a new way, where it makes him becoming Spider-Man a great payoff. That or we have two Spider-Men and I’ll be ok with that.

This also brings up the point of Kid Flash (Wally West) on the Flash being black. I am ok with this move because in the DC TV Verse the whole West family has had a race change. This allows for that character to be new and yet familiar. His story is the same yet his back-story and relationship to Isis West may be different. They changed an established character’s race while still having his back-story held intact with minor tweaks. I’m ok with these type of changes. It’s not a whole new character playing the role of an old one, but it’s a small yet impactful change that makes sense. I say to you my friends, don’t beg to get new characters thrown at you because they are cool, but beg for their story to be fleshed out. Don’t get me started on the Green Lantern!

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