The REEL story: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Nazis?!

One of the first video games I’ve ever been addicted to was The Legend of Zelda. You get to control a one man army against an entire horde of monsters to fight a demon king at the end and save a princess. It’s classic story telling. The strange thing is the main character Link is a silent protagonist and pretty much has no personality. We never learned what his motivation is to be a hero. What is his purpose? Well let me tell you. His purpose is to be controlled. You know who else controlled people? Adolph Hitler. That’s right. The Legend of Zelda is really a tool of Nazi propaganda and I’ll tell you why. It begins with the title of the game series, The Legend of Zelda. If you look up the origins of the name Zelda, you’ll find out that it’s the nickname for of the name Griselda. If you take a step forward then you’ll learn that Griselda is a name of Germanic origin. So why is this important? It is because Zelda represents Germany. It explains the plot of every game of the series, which in essence, is to save Zelda. Link must save Zelda. If Zelda is Germany then in that same line of thinking, Link must save Germany. Who is Link’s biggest threat in his epic journey to save Zelda? The answer to that question is Ganon. Ganon is a big fat demon pig that captures Princess Zelda and transforms the land of Hyrule into a wasteland filled with monsters. I know this sounds like an antagonistic stereotype but there is a much deeper yet simple meaning to this. Lets go back to what Ganon is; a big fat pig that takes control over the land. This is also a stereotype. Of what you may ask? Ganon represents the United States of America. How many countries call Americans “capitalist pigs”? Probably most who do not agree with a free market economy. Another trait of Americans is their struggle with weight issues. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. America is a land of abundance. But how did a country that started out as only 13 states get so big? Well back in the day there was a patriotic mentality of expansion called Manifest Destiny. America was destined to take control of neighboring lands. The United States grew by purchasing land from other countries and by force. Ganon took over Hyrule by the latter. Ganon used his overwhelming power to take over the land and make it his. It’s the American way. Now lets look at the main character Link. He is the easiest connection to the Nazi party. What does he look like? He has blonde hair and blue eyes. You know who else had blonde hair and blue eyes? Hitler’s idea of a master race. What’s Links main weapon? The Master sword. What does Link like to do? Break into houses, smash pots and furniture and take jewels and treasures that aren’t his. What did the Nazis do? The same thing. So lets put it all together now. Link(a representation of the Hitler’s master race) must save Zelda(Germany) from Ganon(the United States). Makes the story seem a whole lot different now, doesn’t it? Perspective is important to story telling. You may want to drink a magic potion right now to heal from your mind being blown.

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