Damn you Funko Pop - I Need More

With Characters ranging from Lebron James to the TARDIS to Batman to Bender to The Hulkbuster to Harry Potter to Rafiki, The funko Pops have something for just about any type of fan. At first I was like “eh I don’t care” and then the fever hit when I got my first funko for my birthday. It was a glow in the dark Vault Boy from fallout. Then I got a brotherhood of steel one. Then I went on amazon and got a regular Vault Boy, and the male Lone Wanderer …and then the fever set in.

I went to Comikaze and saw…OH SHIT Jules from pulp fiction!!! Had to get it and oh shit again is that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan…my favorite wrestler? Got that one too! Donatello too! Got it! And my new favorite character The Arkham Knight got him too! I have a nice little collection now…this craze is reminding me of a craze from the past…beanie babies!

Even some Funko pops being a little hard to find. I would like to see Nintendo stop being a dick and let them make some Nintendo characters. I’m still waiting for some Mortal Kombat characters! But where it differs from Beanie Babies is that the variety of characters are huge. There’s literally something for everyone, with so I think this craze will last for a while. Check them out you may find one or two that you like…they’re cute!


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