Civil War: Winter Soldier is Coming...Are you excited yet?

Before the trailer dropped, the internet was ready to rally for or against the Super Human Registration act. After, people were calling their alliances, Team Iron Man or Team Captain America, splitting fans into definite parts for different reasons (a concept introduced probably by the Edwardians and Jacobians of the Twilight fandom).

For those unfamiliar with the story of Marvel’s Civil War, the US Government issues a Superhuman Registration Act in which superhuman or mutant citizens must enter the registry. In short, Captain America is against the Registration Act, Iron Man is for, and Spiderman is the neutral party.

But, the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t seem like they’re going that route. Instead, based on the trailer released just days before Thanksgiving (and I know I’m thankful for it) it appears that Captain America (played by Chris Evans) is literally fighting Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) to protect the titular solider from Captain America: The Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan).

This is where the fans are split again. There are those that hate the idea of this “love-triangle,” claiming that it’s too different from the original source (surprise!) and those who are all for this adrenaline pumping, angst-filled bromance.

Here’s why you should be all over that Winter Solider plot:

Turning the focus away from the Registration Act to focus on The Winter Solider, aka Bucky Barnes, does two things. One, it gets around the studio limitations including rights and resources. The Registration Act traditionally includes mutants, a right that Disney does not have (Fox is doing a fine job with it). Two, with a huge cast of A-list actors (Anthony Mackie, Scarlet Johannsen, and Don Cheadle to name a few), it prevents something called “Captain America 3” from turning into “Avengers 3.”

There’s also the factor that the Entertainment Industry was built to make money, not to hold the hands of dedicated fans. Sad, but true. The popularity of Bucky Barnes, the Winter Solider, skyrocketed since the release of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and the studio is banking on that.

I am extremely excited for Captain America: Civil War. From the trailer, it looks as if Captain America has a change of character. Once he was a man that preached how much he hated bullies, now he and his oldest friend is ganging up on Iron Man, fueled and blinded by his passion to protect. We’ve also seen Iron Man change from having a Tony Stark-centric mindset to someone whose greatest fear in Avengers 2: Rise of Ultron was seeing his friends dead; a man who is visibly holding back the urge to fight Captain America.

Here's the trailer in case you missed it:


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